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Elementary school ‘Kreativan razvoj’ opened its doors on 4 October 1995 as the first private elementary school in Zagreb. During its first year, the school had only three students in the first grade, while in recent years it has grown and facilitates between 160 and 200 students. Throughout the years the school has developed a full elementary school program and its own kindergarten. Six years ago, Private high school ‘Dr Casl’ opened its doors as a logical continuation of education for students who had completed their elementary studies at ‘Kreativan razvoj’. In addition, more and more students who have completed their elementary education in Zagreb or its vicinity chose to enroll in our high school, especially athletes.
Admission at ‘Kreativan razvoj’ is not bound to the student’s place of residence and it takes place in spring, prior to the Easter break. Later enrolments are accepted depending on places available. Since the school has opened, there have never been any incidents, verbal or physical bullying, nor have we had any students with addictions. The school and its surrounding area are under 24-hour electronic surveillance and a security guard is on site. This safety aspect is of crucial importance to parents who choose to enroll their children in our school. School uniforms are compulsory and in this way we protect our children from the pitfalls of consumer society.

In ‘Kreativan razvoj’ students work in small classes and we try to provide students with optimal conditions for the development of creativity and the discovery of talented students.  Since students are immersed in the school environment for a whole day, all curricular and extra-curricular activities, including study time and numerous training sessions (table tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball and swimming) are incorporated in school hours from 9 a.m. until 4.35 p.m. Students are served three meals a day at a school cafeteria and they arrive to school using public or organized transport. Students are not normally required to take their school stationary home, but can do so at the weekend.  Generally students, especially in the lower grades, are not required to do homework during the week. However, if students participate in all elective and extra-curricular programs, they may require extra work at home.
As a part of their studies, our students also travel the world in order to meet other nations, their culture, history and customs. These travels are a part of their education, but are not mandatory.  Moreover, a joint skiing trip is organized every winter, which a lot of parents choose to partake in with their children.